About Us

Who We Are

Smart Kids is a step towards giving your kids a wholesome growth. We try to provide a healthy, friendly, open, intellectual and caring atmosphere as we know a child learns the most from the surroundings and people around. We offer the best quality preparatory schooling programme for your kid and at the same time we explore his/her hidden talents and polish them to shine in future. Our teachers and caretakers take good care of your child and make sure they follow a righteous path. Our main motive is to become the first ladder in your child’s life and encourage his/her steps to reach to the topmost pedestal of success. Our mantra is to give your child proper education in various fields in an innovative way. We believe in finding new ways of learning rather than aligning to the old school ones. We have also adopted different methods to teach kids like activities, group reading, and sharing experiences and so on.

Why Smart Kids?

Interest of a child to learn depends a lot upon the style of teaching. Thus, we pay close attention to the techniques adopted by teachers inside and outside the class. We keep researching and exploring different methods in which kids can be taught in order to increase their efficiency as well as to boost up their interest in learning. We also invite each kid to participate in every activity and encourage them for their efforts.

We also believe in discipline and thus for every session we chart out a fixed plan and work according to the curriculum. Time abidance, punctuality and regularity are the three principles we follow and thus try to inculcate the same in your kids as well. We hold parent and teacher meeting on a quarterly basis to give you updates about our progress with the programme. We also discuss with you about the overall growth of your child and give and take suggestions for improvement. We also call upon counsellors to give you some practical life training in order to help you in understanding your kids.

A secured and safe environment is the most important requirement for the development of a child. We understand the importance of a healthy and pleasant atmosphere as it makes the child feel more carefree and secured to express himself/herself. We have installed CCTV cameras in the classrooms and at other places so as to monitor the activities of your child as well as the treatment of teachers and caretakers. We do not leave any space for doubt and thus these cameras help us and you to ensure the safety of your child. Constant surveillance aids in keeping the track of every activity taking place around your child.

We have a team of professionally trained teachers who are adept in teaching efficiently and innovatively. Our experienced teachers not only impart bookish knowledge but also encourage your kids to involve in extra-curricular activities and sports. We have a well-stocked library full of picture books, story books, science and computer books etc. Also we have a good stock of other needed objects like the ones used in indoor and outdoor games, painting colours, craft materials, music instruments and so on. Thus, we provide for your kids all the resources and best teachers to ensure the holistic development of your child.

We prepare your child to become a responsible citizen of the country and thus we focus on all the aspects of his/her growth. We encourage the habit of healthy living and train them in yoga and meditation. We also take good care of their diet and nutrition by serving them home cooked food with all essential nutrients. A healthy diet from the beginning increases immunity and prepares your kid to fight against all the diseases. To balance both physical and mental health of your child we involve him/her in fun activities after school hours. We do not burden you and your kids by giving homework as we try to complete all the lessons and prepare them for tests during the school hours only.

About Our Staff

Teachers at Smart Kids are well trained to give warmth and care in addition to the requisite knowledge to the children. Teachers make a note of their regular progress and discuss the developmental milestones of children with their parents. They keep a keen eye on any possible learning challenges faced by any child & refer them to a counsellor thus providing timely guidance. 
Periodical Edurichment programmes are being conducted -keep the teachers abreast of the latest pedagogy and training methodologies.