We polish the talents and skills of your little learners

Learning is a lifelong process and we, at Smart Kids build the foundation for the same. We believe that a child can learn the most from play way methods and fun activities as it is the best way to involve him/her in the learning process. Unless a child feels free to communicate and share, there can be no learning, as Friedrich Froebel, ‘Father’ of Kindergarten also said, “Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul”. Minds of kids are not empty vessels to fill with informative knowledge; rather they are the richest source of creativity and innovation and thus, we try to ignite that creativity through our programmes. We make for kids the most suitable conditions for learning and try to invoke in them the curiosity to know more. Our curriculum includes different programmes which target to kids’ understanding. Our main focus is to bring together academics and other activities in such a way that the child’s interest is maintained and aggravated for learning. We give your kids the platform to expose their talents and skills. We give proper attention to upgrade their mental as well as physical health.

We Train their Bodies and Minds

We keep morning sessions reserved for yoga and meditation and teach them to keep their bodies and minds fit. We give them the perfect environment to channelize their inner strength and energy through meditation. Training of both body and mind is important for the overall development of your child. The habit of daily exercise and meditation is extremely fruitful in the long run and thus we try to inculcate it in the kids from the very beginning. Learning is only possible if the mind is focussed on one thing at a time. We believe that the centralisation of energy is very important as it also helps in sharping the memory and thus we try to enhance the concentration level and memorising power of your child by starting the day with yoga and meditation.

We impart the knowledge of different subjects

Academic knowledge is an important building block for your kid’s future. And we at Smart Kids prepare the foundation of this future by teaching them the very basics of different academic subjects. We try to give them a clear understanding about each subject so that they find it easy to understand even in higher classes. The branch of phonics, which is often overlooked by the educational institutes, is paid more attention at Smart Kids. We also clear the concepts of mathematics in a playful method so that it creates a permanent impression in their minds. Grammar is the base of every language and thus we make extra efforts to teach your kids basic grammar in an easy way. We also pay much attention for improving your kid’s handwriting and teach them common facts of general knowledge.

We encourage storytelling and group reading

Social interactions prove to be beneficial more than individual studies. We try to keep the kids in groups so as to involve them with the kids of their age. Being alone for a long time results in introversion in the long run and this is why we induce in them the comfort to live harmoniously with others through various activities. We listen to their experiences and try to respond with sensitivity and care and also encourage them to share their feelings and stories with other children. At Smart Kids, your child not only gains the practical knowledge but learns about every aspect of life. Our well-stocked library contains number of story books and we ask kids to read any book of their choice in groups. Our teachers also read stories to the children every day and positively take their responses.

We promote fun activities

‘All work and no play’ discourages the growth of a child but at Smart Kids we give your kids freedom to play and chance to get involved in fun activities to learn more. Activities which invoke imagination and creativity of a child are more constructive for the development of their minds. Thus, we encourage such activities which not only teach the kids but also give them, the scope of enjoyment and fun. Drawing, sketching and colouring make the kids to give body to their imagination and their drawings help us and you, to understand their brain mechanism in a better way. Craft activities like puppet making, clay play, paper boat making and so on give your kids an initiation to explore their area of interest. We also encourage music and dance by cheering up the kids of showcase their skills.

Other Indoor and Outdoor sports and activities

Games and sports might seem a mere refuge from the work but it actually teaches the kids a lot many things which books cannot. Sometimes even parents and teachers fail to teach their kids team spirit, accommodating nature, cooperation and honesty. Sports teach your kids these very fundamental principles of life which no theory can make them understand. In the schedule we fix for your kids, we reserve a separate slot for indoor and outdoor sports for each day. We also train them and give them knowledge about the rules of the game they are interested in. At Smart Kids, your kid also learns about self-defence as we hold special classes to train them in Karate by the professional instructor. Thus, we make sure that your child receives knowledge and care from us in every possible way.

Our Other Services

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